Shockaholic Motorcycle Suspension Repair.

We offer repair and rebuild off road motorcycle, enduro, motocross and snowmobile suspension systems specializing in forks and shocks.


KTM Shock                 $120.00

When the rebound screw does not turn, or turns and nothing happens, the shock must be taken apart, the rebound needle cleaned or replaced, the rebound adjusted cleaned or replaced. parts and oil are extra.

Springs              $109-145.00

Springs need to be the right weight for the rider. To light the bike will wallow, too heavy and the bike will feel to stiff and not planted. Rider sag is very important, 120mm on pre 2006, 2007-2011 PDS shocks is 110mm, and the new linkage bikes are 103-105 mm.

2011 250 sx

MX-Tech sub valve  for the forks and platform valve for the shock, can be installed at our facility.



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